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Lance Garrett CFT is a Central California native and grew up loving sports and family. At 17 he suffered a devastating spine injury playing football which he never recovered from and a couple of years later he had major back surgery. At 19 he was at a crossroads because his identity as an all-star athlete was stripped, and through a series of poor choices, the trajectory of his life changed as he fell into pain medication dependency. This crippling struggle and many years of seeing traditional doctors for treatment led him into an all-time low. It was at this all-time low, that Lance reached out to the good Lord for help, and help came through God’s grace mixed in with a team of pals and family who came along-side of him.

His identity as an athlete has been shifted to his identity in Christ and he is committed to appreciating the value of team, and mentorship is at the heart of everything he does. His journey afforded him over 25 years of spine health, education, and life rehabilitation, which he gladly coaches others on when they need it. Lance has a B.A. in Speech Communication from Cal State University Fresno and was certified in his craft through the International Sports Science Association. As a certified fitness trainer CFT and movement expert, he has used his expertise as a multi-sport athlete, education, and his own life experience to help a multitude of people, young and old. He is grateful for the platform he has weekly to facilitate spiritual growth in his clients and helps them remove physical and psychological limitations they’ve placed on themselves.

Lance’s clientele is broad, where on any week, coach’s between 35-40 clients in a team setting or individually. He is skilled in the development and athletic performance of jr. high and high school youngsters and is partnering with a club and school teams to enhance positive outcomes. He desires to work together with other organizations to do faith-based mentoring through the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition. When he is not coaching the youngsters, he is helping senior citizens with mobility, flexibility, and cardiovascular health to improve the quality of their life.

Lance’s most recent development was he was married in November of 2018 to an elementary school principal. A role he gladly takes on, as they navigate life with God at the center.

I am Lance Garrett
My passion led me to becoming a certified fitness Trainer
My name is Lance Garrett and I have been a personal trainer for over 25 years. I have been blessed to work in this community which has great family backing with good athletes and good students. Staying trained and prepared keeps us going and keeps us motivated. I train kids to learn the proper mechanics of strength training which helps lower the chance of injury in sports and makes them stronger and faster. For me, training opens my relationship with the Lord, and working out helps relieve pain and stress. 😄
Lance Garrett

Certified Fitness Trainer recieved from International Sports Sciences Association

B.A. in Speech Communication from California State University, Fresno